June 22, 2015

About Us

1st Call was formed by a group of people who came together with the same desires. They wanted to work together to create a company that gave service. They not only wanted to give great service, they wanted to become part of the companies they worked with.
1st Call is a small company that is located in Fort Worth. We want to stay that way so we are not overburdened by taking on more companies than we can service.
We feel the only way to separate us from other services is by providing each company with what they need. Not all companies’ needs are the same, but most are treated the same by other services. We are willing to work with you until you are satisfied, then and only then will we be satisfied.
With the experience that each person brings to the company, along with a following of people wanting to work, we feel that we have formed a company you will enjoy working with.

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